Commission info!

2016-01-03 18:20:06 by theolebrave

Here is all the info about my commissions,

if you guys have any more questions, either send me an email at theolebrave1998(at)gmail(dot)com or message me right here on newgrounds!

I look forward to working with you guys!

Commissions are now Open

2016-01-03 13:46:37 by theolebrave

Just wanted to make a post saying that I am not opening commissions, I will be making an official post about it soon but I just wanted to let people know.

so yeah stick around for more information

I have a twitter now

2015-10-02 16:09:40 by theolebrave

I made a twitter account and I'm going to be doing that inktober thing this year. Go check it out if you want.